Vimukti Charitable Trust(r) Celebrates Christmas under pandemic’s shadow with 72 underprivileged children:

"Christmas is most truly Christmas when we celebrate it by giving the light of love to those who need it most."

Vimukti Charitable Trust® Pothnal organized the "joy of giving" activity in an Endeavour to make Christmas Day special and reach out to the underprivileged children on 23rd of December 2020, Wednesday. Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone. Christmas is for joy, for giving and sharing, for laughter, for coming together with family and friends, and brightly decorated packages.
It was surely a Christmas to remember at Vimukti Pothnal. The essence of Christmas came alive at Vimukti center when the poor children got together and shared the merriment. The delightful celebrations included various activities. Our poor children gelled up as they gave various performances which added up to the joy.

The Vimukti center was a festive look and was beautifully decorated. The significance of this festival was told to the children. The children enjoyed to the beats of “Jingle Bells” and wished Merry Christmas to their friends and staff. The tiny tots of kids participated in many activities related to Christmas like coloring and drawing a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, stars and Bells. They exhibited their creativity by decorating and displaying them in center. Such celebrations bring happiness and togetherness among the poor children and also inculcate the spirit of sharing and giving in them. Vimukti distributed warm clothes and sandals to the 72 underprivileged children of this locality. Right from distributing sweets to helping children draw and colour, they did every possible way to bring smile to them. "It indeed was a special moment to see children were happy to see the gifts as token of love.

Addressing the gathering, Fr. Sathish Fernandes Director exhorted everyone to care for the children in need of care and protection with tenderness and love. He opined that the staff of Vimukti should have the attitude of giving up everything for the welfare of children in difficult situations. We are born to empower the weak but not enslave them. Birth of people, ideologies, projects and structures is to doubtlessly embolden the impoverished people in the society. The rich should liberate the poor from the slavery. One becomes rich by making hundred people poor. Therefore, it is his moral obligation and inalienable duty to make the poor equal. Here we always remember that birth is for empowerment but not for enslavement. The Nativity is the feast of empowerment. Jesus was born among the marginalized like shepherds, cattle and cow-shed in order to make them great. The purpose of this incarnation is to sanctify the humanity. Jesus became man for bringing the peripheries to the centre. The mission of the prophet is to empower

One who is born on this earth has to empower one’s wife, husband, children, father, mother, brother, sister, student, labourers, oppressed, alienated, sick people, exploited and subjugated. Those who empower the weak without enslaving have a right to celebrate this Nativity of Jesus. Jesus will be born among those performing liberative works.

The programme included carols, dances, sharing gifts and exchanging season’s greetings with each other. All the staff, volunteers and management participated in the Christmas celebrations. All in all, the Christmas celebrations at vimukti set the tone for the coming New Year, a year that promises to be full of smiling faces, unity and self reliance. On this occasion children had sumptuous meal and various games, winners were distributed prizes and gifts. We are very grateful to all the donors for their timely and generous support and help towards these poor children. May God bless their generosity in hundredfold, children and parents gathered to express their deep gratitude to you and your family.
Prayer: God of empowerment, you sent your Son to empower the enslaved earth. You have sent us to this world for the same purpose. We make up our minds to empower the isolated people through our law, political administration, education, economy, religion and our constitution of Union of India. Do give us the right orientation for doing away with casteism, communalism and discrimination for the construction of a just society where you exist. Amen

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