Extending our hands to the Sponsor families during COVID-19:

During this period of struggle, we the Vimukti organization extended our concern and solidarity for the poor and neediest around us. As we know, the outbreak of COVID-19 Pandemic has been variously affecting all walks of life. Thousands of people who live from hand to mouth on a daily basis have lost their means of livelihood. Through deprivation of jobs, their future dreams were shattered into pieces. When we sensed the humanitarian emergency, especially the cry of the poor people due to the unpredictable situation, through the kindly generosity of our ensemble agissons members, we straight away plunged into actions, rendering assistance to the needy. Over 70 sponsored children were extremely delighted to receive special Christmas Gifts like each families two chairs, Mats, woolen blankets, plask, steel Tiffin boxes, steel teacup-set and tray and food kit.

It is said, “Separations are wounds that no one can heal, but memories are treasures that no one can steal.” It was painful to say good bye to four of our senior sponsor children, but as they go for another stage of experience which is the part of their life. To mark this event we gave them memorable farewell with an excellent program along with sumptuous meal.

It was the day the our beloved sponsored children took center stage; a day the companions experienced mixed feelings of pride and sadness, while the parents looked on joyfully; a day that will forever be etched in the collective consciousness of Vimukti as covering yet another milestone in this beautiful journey of togetherness. It was the most awaited moment of the year for the outgoing batch- their Valedictory Function. Fr. Sathish Fernandes then gave his dear students the greatest gift of all – his blessings and wishes for each sponsored child to make giant contributions to the society. Further, in his address shared his childhood memories and advised the students to pursue a goal and to strive to make a difference in this world.

Each sponsored child then had his\her moment of glory as he\she proudly expressed their feeling through their heartfelt gratitude for all the financial support and love they received from Ensemble Agissons, for past ten years. Further he exhorted all the sponsored children saying that every child should learn to give value for time and money the sponsors spend on each child and always remain thankful to their sponsors who are selflessly trying to give better education. Today is the right time to remember them and to thank them for all their whole hearted support and encouragement. He encouraged the rest of the sponsored children to increase their participation in sponsorship programmes. The dignitaries, proud parents and staff followed them to partake in a sumptuous celebratory dinner. The Progarmme came to an end by distributing prizes for the winners.

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