Training to village leaders on Karnataka Land Reforms Act and Amendment to APMC Act 2020: Vimukti Pothnal

Vimukti Pothnal organized training program on Karnataka Land Reforms Act and Amendment to APMC Act 2020 held at Vimukti premises. The meeting began at 10. 30 am. The Centre has been issuing various new policies and one among them was the correction in the land reform bill. The new policy was explained in detail. The corrections made in the policy, the problems that could be faced due to this policy by the poor farmers, the speediness of the Govt. without proper guidance to the people were discussed in detail. This new amendment APMC bill would definitely favor the rich the business class people. They can buy the agricultural land for their use. The farm land would turn gradually into industrial areas. Already the poor farmers are not getting basic price for their grown crops. Due to natural calamities farmers face hardships and often not compensated for their crop loss. The number of farmers committing suicide has increased day by day. The middle men the brokers have been exploiting the farmers since past. The present policies are not farmer friendly. So the farmers must strongly protest against the new unbaked policies of the centre. The village level awareness need to be created. The Government must explain or take into confidence before introducing the new policies. Confusion, fear created in the minds of the farmers by the Govt. through the sudden policies. It was a fruitful mind enlightening seminar to the participants. Youth, men, women participated in this workshop.

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