Training program on cleanliness and hygiene to leaders and Community Members:

Vimukti organized training program on cleanliness and hygiene to LM leaders, and community members at Vimukti premises. Capacity Builder Mr. Charlie addressing the gathering said that Corona has spread around the world and presently people are living in fear. There is a need of build immunity system in each one’s body. Cleanliness also needed to fight strongly against the spread of disease. One should wash his/her hands frequently with sop for 20 seconds. One should avoid touching the mouth eyes nose without washing the hands. This is a right time for everyone to get into the system of cleanliness and remain hygienic. The Lok Manch leaders have a greater role in spreading the awareness on cleanliness and hygiene in the village’s allotted to them.

The pregnant women must also consume nutritious food which is also clean and hygienic. The fruits which they consume must be washed thoroughly. Everyone must make a habit of drinking warm water. Prevention is better than cure. Proper drainage system must be made around the houses. Whenever we go out we must wear masks and keep physical distance when we are in the public. Parents must take good care of their children especially in the aspect of cleanliness. For about 55 Lok Manch leaders took part in this training enriching program.

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