Case Study:Looking for the better opportunities.....

I am Mahadevamma hailing from Neermanvi, Manvi Taluka, Raichur District. We are all together 6 siblings to our parents. My parents did not educate me. So I could not read or write. From the beginning I had a desire to learn. But I did not get the opportunity for the learning. From last year onwards school had a facility of computer training. So I joined for the computer class. I learnt the basic of word combination thus was able to learn faster. I was very happy to handle the computer for the first time in my life. For three months I attended the computer training without fail. I learnt word combination, numbers, and computer basics which was useful for my daily living. I was not able to use mobile phone earlier or to dial numbers but now I am able to use the smart phone. I am so excited to learn more and more; but only looking for the better opportunities. I have great desire to achieve many goals in my life. I am very grateful to Vimukti Trust for giving me the golden opportunity to learn computer.

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