Free food kit distributed around 122 families by Vimukti Charitable Trust Pothnal:

On 28th October 2020 Food kit distribution was held by Vimukti at its premises. Due to Pandemic many have lost their jobs and are bound to stay at the villages. There are no daily earnings to support the families; everyone facing hardships and struggles to survive in this situation. It has been hard for many to go to distant places for work, to maintain physical distance, to use mask and sanitizers. Health is wealth is the present day situation. To build immunity is a need of the time. There are so many who are facing terrible times and the poor are suffering the worst. Vimukti Charitable Trust® (VCT) Pothnal, past many months have gone out of their way to reach to the people in fulfilling their needs. VCT Pothnal, under the able-leadership of its Director Dr. Sathish Fernandes left no stone unturned in fanning out to the villages through its services and reached out to the poor and the needy and identified the poorest families, HIV/AIDS, orphan, Semi orphan, Devadasi, widow’s, disabled and the aged people and on 24th Oct 2020 they distributed around 32 food kits and on 28th Oct 2020 they distributed 90 Food kits to the needy ones.

Mr Charlie the VCT staff said in his address that the whole world is suffering due to this corona disease and many NGO’s try to reach out to the needy ones. The help is granted looking at the family situation. Fr Sathish Feranandes, Director being the host of the program said that Virus has been spreading at the community level. What we notice is that the spread of virus has no territories, no religion or targeting particular age people. So there is needed to take utmost precaution to prevent the spread of virus. Cleanliness, wearing the mask, maintaining the physical distance is must to fight the virus. VCT has been serving the needy during this dire situation. This was possible with the generous support of our donors and benefactors and Vimukti acknowledges their generosity and conveys their heartfelt gratitude on behalf of the president and Vimukti team. The Vimukti staff and 110 stakeholders witnessed the food kit distribution program. They have also educated and trained people on how to conduct and behave themselves while strictly following the physical distancing and also taking certain precautionary measures in maintaining one’s immunity against the deadly corona virus.

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