Vimukti Distributed food kits to Sponsored children families:

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” Mother Teresa.
Emerged COVID19 causing the human disturbances in terms of living, movement and foods have occurred. Lot of changes has brought into the lives, systems have been dysfunctional and situations have been paralyzed. This Pandemic has brought about drastic changes in the social and economic conditions of the people especially migrant workers, daily wage earners, unorganized sector workers, landless labourers and other vulnerable and marginalized communities. Loss of livelihood, reduced employment opportunities, possible low wages with longer hours of work are some of the problems that people will be facing in the post lockdown scenario. It has brought about systemic changes to the socio-economic structure in an unprecedented way and it is essential to study them in order to devise strategies to tackle them.

In this juncture, Vimukti Charitable Trust Pothnal takes initiative to help economically poor Sponsored families by distributing food provisions and stationery items. They have also educated and trained sponsored families on how to conduct and behave themselves while strictly following the physical distancing and also taking certain precautionary measures in maintaining one’s immunity against the deadly corona virus. Nearly 32 families worth Rs.1,12,000/- (32x3500) food kits and stationery items given to maintain themselves.

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