Hand hygiene is important: Vimukti Pothnal

One cannot ignore the fact that hand washing is the simplest, most affordable and effective way of keeping the virus away. The theme of Global Hand washing Day 2020 is 'Hand Hygiene for all'. The theme is primarily to urge people across society to achieve universal hand hygiene. Keeping this objective, Vimukti organized Global Hand washing day on 15th of October, 2020 in four villages of our working area. The current Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the critical role hand hygiene plays in disease transmission. It reminds us of the importance of the simple yet most effective intervention to stop the spread of any disease- hand washing with soap- and the need to take immediate action on hand hygiene across all public and private settings to respond and control the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, through this awareness program Vimukti urges to all the children and village communities, a global culture of hand hygiene must be fostered and made the mainstay in public health interventions beyond the pandemic. Nearly one hundred and seven children and village community stakeholders, benefited from this mass awareness program.

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