Training on Arogya Raksha Samithis to the Community leaders:

Vimukti organized the training on Arogya Raksha Samithis to the community leaders in our targeted villages of our working area. Mr. Charile, the Capacity builders and Mrs. Jecintha Campaign facilitator were the resource persons for this training. The main focus of the training was to insist on the need of establishing Arogya Raksha samithis at the Primary Health Centers. There are various responsibilities regarding this. The members who can also be the part of this committee were discussed at length.

The various responsibilities of the committee: The various health rights of the people are to be displayed at the primary health centers. Annual health map has to be prepared. The cleanliness inside as well the surroundings of the health centers to be taken care. Health centers have to be protected well with proper construction of wall and fencing. Every month cataract check-up should be done at the centers. For this the trained doctors need to be invited from the nearby private or the Government health clinics. The money allotted to the centers must be utilized with the proper guidance and governance. Every fourth Saturday’s of the month meeting should be held at the health centers. Primary health centre receives 1lakh, community health centre receives 1.5 lakh, Taluka health centre receives 1.75 lakh rupees from the Government. This amount must be properly used especially for the benefits of pregnant lactating women. During the pregnancy or delivery there are no ambulance services, people use private vehicles, lack of medicines at the sub centers are brought to the notice. The misuse of the funds must be prohibited. There are times when officials misuse the funds for various other purposes. The community leaders must have a questioning attitude to the officials on the way the funds are used. When one takes courage to question on behalf of the people then positive answers or the facilities are provided. It was a fruitful training session where about 60 Community leaders participated and benefited from this training.

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