Vimukti Village leaders demanded DC, CEO, DHO, THO, and Lok Sabha members to prevent the material and infant deaths in Raichur District:

On 24th of September 2020 a report in the form of Memorandum was submitted to DC, CEO, DHO, THO and Lok Sabha members. The report was the outcome of the Survey on maternal and infant deaths in Raichur District. Maternal and Child Health Campaign, Manvi is formed under the leadership of people and People’ collectives in Raichur district. In the back drop of COVID 19 outbreak, the MCH campaign monitored different National and State Health programs for mother and child and also did the audit of maternal and infant deaths that the Campaign came across during the COVID outbreak and listed the problems faced by mother and children. Maternal and child health issues identified by the Campaign and so far six maternal deaths identified in the 5 PHCs.

Demands to prevent the maternal and neonatal deaths :

  1. We demand reviving of Pradhan Mantri SurakshitMatritva Abhiyan (PMSMA) program and National Anaemia control program immediately to ensure the early detection and treatment of all high risk pregnancies.

  2. We demand that the weekly antenatal clinics are conducted by all PHCs in the district and the medical officers are present in all such antenatal clinics.

  3. We demand to ensure that all pregnant women in the district receive awareness on “High risk pregnancies, nutrition, ambulance services and the preparedness for delivery” by the ASHA workers/ ANMs

  4. We demand and equipped and apt referral system with fully equipped ambulance facilities and unbreakable communication chain between the health facilities of referral to ensure the safety of women.

  5. We demand the immediate revival of all nutritional and health programs through the PHCs and Anganwadies to the antenatal and postnatal women and to the new born babies. Special clinics for the Grade children; Cooked midday meal for the antenatal and postnatal women and take-home rations for the antenatal and postnatal women and less than 3 years old children must be restarted immediately.

  6. Monthly Village Health and Nutrition Days (VHND) under NRHM has to be restarted and revived, as per the guidelines special check-ups and education to the antenatal and postnatal women during the VHNDs to be ensured.

Finally, there was a fruitful discussion on this issues by the Village leaders with the concerned authority and asked to take effective measures to renew the health system at the village and district level. There was an assurance of dealing with the matter soon.

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