Vimukti Charitable Trust® engaged in relief work:

The images of stranded migrant laborers and low-income households in Pothnal region during the lockdown galvanize Vimukti to provide relief work. The major objective is to reach the unreached and very deserving families in the targeted villages of our working area. Distributed food kits to 100 deserving families like, HIV/AIDS, Devadasi, widow, orphan, disabled and migrants etc, the free food kits like, sugar, Tea powder, salt, Green grams, coconut oil, dall, Rava, Chilli powder, coriander powder, edible oil, turmeric powder cumin, master seed, Soaps, paste Tooth brush, face masks etc. who have affected by the lockdown. Vimukti staff moved into the remote villages and neighborhoods to create awareness about health, hygiene and protection from viral diseases. The families were very grateful to receive this timely help. We are also happy indeed to thank for the donors for their generosity. “A smile happens in a flash, but its memory can last for a lifetime. “May God bless the cheerful giver”.

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