Urgent task: fighting human trafficking awareness reaching every month 250-300 women and girls: Vimukti Pothnal

From 10th to 16th of June, 2020 Vimukti Pothnal organized the awareness program on human trafficking in five villages of Manvi Taluka. Human trafficking is the third biggest criminal industry after narcotic drugs and illegal arms supply. Generally, the organized crime of human trafficking extends beyond state and national boundaries. It is also multi-dimensional, involving elements of several crimes like kidnapping/abduction, buying and selling of humans, bonded labor and sexual exploitation. The ugliest face of human trafficking is trafficking of girls of sexual exploitation. In India, 46% of women and girls trafficked, are for commercial sexual exploitation, 27% for domestic servitude and 27% for forced labor. Keeping these thoughts in mind Vimukti Pothnal has been conducting sessions in the AWCs, public places, and in Community apart from legal remedies; prevention of human trafficking requires several types of interventions and demanding the concerned officials should focus on creation of compulsory, high-quality education, employment opportunities and income generation for marginal and vulnerable sections in the society. Vimukti staff has been giving wide publicity regarding legal and penal provisions against trafficking and sensitizing women and girls to take care and to protect themselves from this evil practices. Every month nearly 250-300 women and girls are benefiting from this program

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