Vimukti Pothnal demanded the concerned authority to clear the garbage from the highway:

On 14th of June Vimukti Pothnal submitted the memorandum to the Panchyath President demanding to clear the garbage from the main road. Fr. Sathish Fernandes Vimukti Director urged the concerned authority saying, People from Pothnal are throwing the glass bottles, nails, tacks, wires, cans trash garbage, rubbish, old cloths, chicken waste, chemical waste powders and other debris etc, which is gradually, flows to the Pothnal River. Due to this negligence of the authority and local people, Pothnal River is getting contaminated and not able to use. As a result it will welcome various sicknesses during this rainy season. Secondly throwing the glass pieces on the main road causes injure to human persons, animals and vehicles is against the law. Deliberately abandoned or dumped waste on public is considered illegal dumping. Illegal dumping is harmful to the environment, costs taxpayers over a million dollars each year, and sends a message that illegal activities is not tolerated in our neighborhoods.

Therefore Vimukti urged immediate steps should be taken to ensure that the dumped waste near the river to shift from that place and to protect the river free from contamination. It further demanded that the issue the notice to all the shop keepers not to through the rubbish and to make the place unhygienic rather to cooperative in protection the environment and warned that an indefinite protest would be held if the demands were not met.

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