Survey done of Migrants in the month of April and May: Vimukti Pothnal

Due to the current Pandemic Covid-19, Corona Virus infection the Country as well as many of the states is in a lockdown situation since past few weeks. The migrants are the worst affected due to the lockdown. The state Government has taken initiative to distribute free food grains and rations. The migrants are requested to stay wherever they are and are requested not to travel in this situation. Vimukti leaders and community members surveyed the houses whether they got any ration or food grains given by the Government. It was learnt in the survey that the pregnant lactating women do not get nutritious food which is allotted to them. Pulses, cereals are not served in the Midday meals for the children. In view of protection against spread of Corona Virus information was provided in detail to old members, women and the children by following social distance, the use of mask, frequent washing of hands was insisted.

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