Adolescent Health Check-up: Vimukti Pothnal

Adolescence is a transition from childhood stage to adulthood stage and hence there is an extensive physical and psychological change in an individual. These adolescents are usually unaware about healthy lifestyle essentials and habits. Vimukti Pothnal Staff Nurse makes a periodical visit to all the Sponsored children families and encourages to all the Sponsored children to live a healthy lifestyle and prevent the unforeseen future illnesses. Children are the most energetic folks, and perhaps this is why parents fail to see the need for early health checkup for them. This screening and test are not merely because your child might have fallen sick, but preventive methods to ensure the growth of the child happens most naturally. Also, this is the best way for our Staff Nurse to understand what is healthy for the individual kid in our working area. Leukemia, heart diseases and other problems that are life-threatening can be identified at an early age. Preventive measures can be taken to control the disease. Upcoming health issues can be determined and can be treated in the right manner. The tests include screening for dental health, sleep deprivation, skin infections, infections in the digestive tract, and lot more. Health checkup once in three months is the only way to ensure a healthy and happy childhood.

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