Petition filed against illegal sale of liquor: Vimukti Pothnal

Spread of Covid-19 has affected the daily life of millions around the world and the country. Central government along with the cooperation of state Governments had declared lockdown from March 23rd to May 30th 2020. It was successful in containing the spread of virus. Some relaxations were given in the second phase where few shops were allowed to sell things basic for daily living. At the same time liquor shops were also allowed to sell the liquor which is a sad thing to hear. The daily wage earners who have collected some money are been spending money to buy liquor resulting in fights in the families. There is so much of suffering, loss of lives; loss of belongings, families on streets is seen thereafter; The Government being ware of the situation but failed to respond to this chaotic situation. The Vimukti Women came together and appealed to the Panchayat local body unit leaders not to permit the illegal sale of liquor and to take stringent action on concerned people without delay.

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