Free health camp for the migrant families: Vimukti Pothnal

On 12th May 2020 Vimukti organized a free health camp for the migrants who had been travelling since long and had stayed due to lockdown in Pothnal. There were about 80 families who had free health screening. The families earn daily living by spraying medicines on trees and do other works. They were on their way back home but due to lockdown could not travel further. The families were living around the Vimukti organization Pothnal. The Trust after knowing the situation immediately distributed food kits to them. There were many children in the group. So Vimukti initiated free health camp and also distributed Protein tonics and medicines. The elders had B.P test as well. The entire group was enlightened on various social issues. Due to migration children are deprived of education. They later turn to bonded child laborers. It is a serious crime in the present day context. The present laws are very severe towards such practices. So the elders must be aware of it. They have a social responsibility towards their children and their upbringing. The migrant families received lot of attention and care in this health camp.

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