International Worker’s Day celebrated @ Vimukti Pothnal:

Acharya Vinoba Bhave Once Said, “It is a worker who balances the world by his hands. Absence of workers means collapse of the world”. 1st of May world celebrates the international Worker’s day. It adds one more holiday in the calendar. On this special day our beloved laborers are remembered for the amount of work they do. What generally we see in our workers is that the total dedication and zeal for work. We need to be grateful to them for their immense contribution to their families, society and world at large. To make this day even more special Vimukti Charitable Trust® Pothnal celebrated laborers’ day in its premises. Director Fr. Sathish Fernandes in his message he said, for the wellbeing, and for the good of laborers many measures have been taken in the society. We are indeed indebted to our laborers.

He explained further, who are the true laborers, their stand in the society and their duties and responsibilities towards the society. Many of the workers face dangers in their day to day lives so they need to be protected in every way possible. Compensation need to be given by the owners or those who recruit to the ill-gotten. There is no labor without laborers. Government has to work seriously in upbringing the standard of laborers. To mark this day, Vimukti identify the worker’s families who are affected y the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown and distributed free food kits to these families in this emergency situation. Vimukti staff Mr. Charlie, Mr. Jaysheel and Mamatha played a major role to make this day a memorable one

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