Sense of uncertainty shrouds nomadic families: Vimukti Pothnal

The lockdown being enforced to prevent the spread of covid-19 has affected several communities hard, including the migrant laborers, daily-wage earners, roadside vendors, and the nomads. The nomadic, semi-nomadic communities are suffering due to lack of jobs. One such nomadic community is camping on Janatha colony Road on the outskirts of Pothnal. They earn their livelihood by begging, through the traditional professions of performing folk arts like ‘Hagalu Vesha’ ‘Burra Kathe’ through rag-picking, manufacturing brooms and baskets and such others minor professions.

However lockdown has put an end to these activities as nobody is allowed outside their homes due to the strict implementation of lockdown rules. Hence, these nomadic people are confined to their tents. The majority of them do not possess Aadhaar Cars, voter IDs, ration cards and are not eligible for the distribution of food grains through the PDS. They do not have access to minimum basic facilities and have to brave the scorching sun and heavy rains. These people are really struggling for their daily sustenance. Vimukti is demanding concerned government authority to heed their call without delay.

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