Free distribution of food kits and hand Sanitizers to 450 economically poor, orphan, HIV/AIDS, disabled, sponsor, Migrant, unorganized and daily wage worker families, by Vimukti Charitable Trust® Pothnal:

The greatest of all virtues is to feed the hungry
The World today (April 13 2020) is gripped with the pandemic of Corona Virus. Vimukti Charitable Trust Pothnal takes initiatives to help economically poor, orphan, sponsor families, deserving laborers in the rural areas, who are affected by the lockdown. Individuals and families in cities without work, food, housing or security, are forced to trek back home to their distant villages, in the hot sun with no support of food, water, shade or rest, or rides in crowded passing trucks at considerable expense, and on the way intent only on imposing the lockdown. Those migrant, unorganized sector and daily wage workers who have been left behind in metros, cities and towns because of the lockdown with no transport available to their native villages/towns, find themselves without income, shelter, and even food, with state governments struggling to cope up with the problem in overcrowded relief camps, again exposing these workers to infection. Even some migrant workers staying back to their work places, staying together in the small rented house, social distance is impossible for them, they don’t have enough food grans to survive. Money what they had got, they already had sent to their family members. Now no money in their hands. They are walking on foot miles and miles to reach to their home. Since they are walking, not getting enough food, water, shelter and rest, not maintaining social distance, they are the one found positive by the Corona Virus, transmitting the virus from one place to the other.

With all these circumstances economically poor people are struggling to get one meal per day, identifying such 450 deserving families, Vimukti flung into action by distributing free food kits and Hand Sanitizers for their survival. It was a biggest challenge to meet-out the needs of the people at this moment of struggle. Through the hard efforts and generous donors, for their sacrifice we could distribute the free food kits like, sugar, Tea powder, salt, Green grams, coconut oil, dall, Rava, Chilli powder, coriander powder, edible oil, turmeric powder cumin, master seed, Soaps, paste Tooth brush, face masks etc. to the economically poor families who have affected by the lockdown. The families were very grateful to receive this timely help. We are also happy indeed to thank for all the sponsors/donors for their generosity. “A smile happens in a flash, but its memory can last for a lifetime. “May God bless the cheerful giver”.

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