Vimukti Charitable Trust(r) Pothnal distributes 5,000 free face masks for the poor people during Covid-19 Pandemic:

As coronavirus threat spreads across the country, Vimukti organization is actively spreading awareness about the illness among the underprivileged classes. Taking steps towards preventing the spread of coronavirus in Manvi Taluka Raichur Dist, Karnataka. Vimukti a Social Action center distributed 5,000 face masks freely available to poor people who barely can afford these. The main focused group are Sponsored children families, youths, men and women of our working area, coronavirus is still a mysterious illness. “They are unaware of the basic sanitary habits and precautions that can prevent coronavirus infections. For them, a face mask offers the first line of defence, protecting them to some extent from a direct infection. If everyone wears a face mask, the spread of this infection could be arrested. By distributing face masks for free, the Vimukti is doing a significant job, says, Mrs. Balappa health officer, Manvi. Vimukti has been giving door to door awareness through handbills how to use masks in this situation to protect oneself.

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