Mother and child nutrition, protection campaign at Manvi Taluka: Vimukti Pothnal

There was a survey done in Manvi Taluka of Raichur district. There are 8 Primary Health Centers of 41 villages. For about 450 women were interviewed of their condition. It was learnt that almost everyone was ignorant about the various schemes available for their benefits. They were told how to deal with various problems they faced and approach the nearest health centres. The health centers have not adapted to the present day situation. There are loopholes in the functioning. There are no experienced personnel, doctors and the staff. The treatment is not up to the mark. There are no proper medicines, ambulance service available. The patients are overcharged, referred outside for further medication, demanded money from the families after delivery. The centre structures are not maintained or clean. The centres do not have equipments for the treatment. Such conditions are observed in most of the villages and even in the towns. People find hard times during emergency situations. What is seen in most of the centre the failures to meet the needs especially the women and the children. Women prefer city hospitals rather than Primary health centers. There is lot of malpractice, corruption in distribution of medicines, nutrition food items to the women after delivery. In the time of delivery the absence of doctors is noticed in most of the centers. Govt has a scheme of 0% charge for the delivery of the child but in the name of the poor centers have been exploiting the people of their situation. All this was the result of the survey done in meeting the people especially the women.

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