INTERNATIONAL WOMENíS DAY: Opportunity to Make a Difference, Vimukti Pothnal

Vimukti Pothnal in collaboration with Jamahathi Islami Hind women organization came together on 8th of March 2020 to celebrate International Womenís Day at Vimukti Premises. The day-long event was not only filled with fun, food and entertainment but also number of workshops on health, financial literacy, etc.

Mrs. Ashu Banu the Jamahathi Islami Hind President ensured that the women not only had a wonderful time but also enriching time with one another during the day. The eminent speaker Mrs. Garina Adovcate, Mrs. Spana Teacher, Mrs. Anapurna Taluka GP member, Manvi, Sr. Martha Dísouza and Mrs. Jecintha Vimukti staff were guest on the dais. After the sumptuous lunch, various dances were performed by the children. This was truly the highlight of the day because apart from dance for entertainment; the little children brought forth meaningful messages like: save a girl child, gender equality, save the planet, etc.

The day ended with a small surprise gift for all the women who participated in the event. Empowering women as a concept is noble but practical implementation is a challenge. VIMUKTI has accepted this challenge and is working to give women the opportunity to make a difference. Nearly 101 women and children joined and participated in this program.

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