Yova Sangam 2020- “The Role of Youth in Nation Building”: Vimukti Pothnal

On 22nd to 23rd of February 2020 Vimukti unorganized youth Representatives from eleven pockets youth actively participated yova sangam 2020 at Bangalore. Nearly 200 youth participated and got benefited from this program. India has a large number of working class people. The rise of communal tensions among the religions has been noticed day by day, the enemity being planted in the young minds. N.P.R, N.R.C, have been imposed thus rising to a problem of every Indian citizen rather than Muslims alone. Everyone is being conceintised by the evil intentions of such implementations. The Constitution has a greater value no matter how old but still relevant but today's government trying to manipulate it by their views and norms. It's s serious situation to think about it. In the name of uniting the nation Kashmiri youth are being imprisoned and the Assami people have lost their citizenship, and we are witnesses of these recent happenings. Those born and brought up in our own land are to prove their identity. The problem of unemployment of youth who are committing suicide daily is least addressed today. There is a need to be aware of the present day alarming situation. The N.R.C, N.P.R, C.A.A, weakening our Constitution, so the youth need to be prepared to face the challenging situation ahead. There is a need of protection of rights of every citizen. The youth play a prominent role in the nation building was the message of Shri Shivasundara the journalist and human right activist, Bangaluru. Other highlights were:

• Differences with regard to religion between working class people, farmers and other ordinary people.
• Awareness of the registered documents.
• During inspection or survey resist to provide basic information’s and documents.

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