Repair and extension of old Vimukti office work is in under progress: Vimukti Pothnal

The present vimukti office was built 25 years ago was in need of some renovation. The Renovation work is in full swing under the supervision of Fr. Sathish Fernandez. Hopefully, expected accrual will be a great solace to all the staff of vimukti. Old structure has been demolished with the help of Post Novitiate brothers and with the Vimukti staff. Rats had illegally possessed our Vimukti old office and in every nook and corner they constructed the buildings and were staying at peace by stiffening the goods from the rooms. The Vimukti director took the decision to sweep them away and to repair and extend the office. Now it is very species and good in condition. The construction work is in progress. The plastering work is about to finish. Presently painting and tiles works are on the move. The carpentry work is yet to complete. ATHITHIDEVO BHAVA; some of our friends and friars made their fraternal visit to our Vimukti center, The plumbing, wiring, cementing, wash room construction, soak-pit works are completed. As the work is progressing in full swing there is an assurance that the entire construction will be completed by end of March. We express our sincere thanks to all the benefactors for their help and support.

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