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In 60 Schools “Jhalki” Film Screening for Social Change: “when will every child have Justice”?
Vimukti Pothnal organized “Jhalki” film screening program was organized in 60 schools of Manvi and Sindhnoor Talukas of our working area. Purpose of the Film Screening is to for Social Change is to change the attitudes and behavioral pattern of people at the grassroots, government officials and law enforcement agencies. For every child and young person to enjoy their childhood, they must be able to realize their rights to freedom, safety, and education. Free from child slavery, child labour, child trafficking and child marriage; Safe, with protection from violence, war and natural disaster; and Educated, with access to free, inclusive and quality education.

Objective of the screening:

  • Develop critical thought and active citizenship skills by engaging with peers and decision-makers on potential solutions to ensure where every child realizes their rights and raise their voice for social change

  • Understand how to report cases of child labour and child trafficking in their areas

  • Organise youth-led and community-led local events to sensitise the community, family and local decision makers to put an end to child labour and create a child friendly society

The film exposes the modus operandi of child traffickers and provides audiences with an opportunity to understand and reflect on why millions of children are trapped in child labour and slavery, with the tools to invest, advocate and lead change in their community and around the world. Out of 9250 children who attended the program 953 children expressed their view saying that they would protect the village from Child Labour, child marriage, child dropout and human trafficking. Secondly they will spread this message to their family and neighborhood. They will be the first person as a change agent to protect their own friends and neighbors

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