State level discourse against the evil practice of Devadasi system and child marriage: Vimukti Pothnal

The state level dialogue against the evil practice of Devadasi system and child marriage held on 20th of January 2020 at Bellary. The main objective of the workshop is to respect to the rights of children and promotion of such rights. To all who are facing Harassment due to dowry, family harassment, rape, sexual harassment and such women to get immediate help and due support from those who are at their service so that they learn to survive on their own effort and become self sufficient thus become inspiration to others; discussed at length.

Dialogue on following issues:

  • Promotion of child rights and protection of such rights of children, role of government and institutions on Child marriage and Devadasi system.

  • Problems and issues faced due to child marriage and Devadasi system to be sorted out by forming groups and campaigns.

  • To promote the smooth functioning of the government agencies such as child protection committees at local and at the district level.

  • To see the effective functioning of committees at the local panchayat level and strengthening them.

  • People’s movement and voluntary service units to deal with the problems faced by child marriage and Devadasi system, to wipe out these practices awareness programs to be held by them.

At the end of the conversation and dialogue action plan was suggested to give shelter to the Devadasis and to put an end to the practice of Child marriage.

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