Mother and Child Protection and Nourishment Campaign at Manvi: Vimukti Pothnal

For about 461lactating mothers were interviewed in Richur District of Manvi and Maski TQ. the meeting with them personally revealed number of malpractices of 7 health centers in and around their villages. The following problems they faced were shared in detail. The lack of staff, the punctuality of doctors and the staff, the lack of cleanliness, lack of medicines, no ambulance facility, corruption, over charges, not constructing hospitals or dispensaries at the proper places, the dilapidated structures, not updated equipments and machineries, without proper first aid facilities, Doctors and the staff being absent, people who have been lost their faith in them, the staff being made in charge of the centers, lack of medicines in sub centers, not getting proper treatment at the emergency ward, and such type of feedback was really saddening and shocking. Overall the primary health Centers have been failed to provide the proper treatment expected by the people especially to the lactating mothers and their children. Government services are at the scrutiny. 71% of deliveries taking place in the hospitals but only 29% deliveries taking place with proper facilities and most of them done through caesarean.

16% of women are discharged within 48 hours after delivery. 27% of women though being in the hospitals after delivery are not getting free nutritious food. 51% of women delivering without the presence of doctors also noticed. This has invited complications during delivery or after. Those facing such are sent to private hospitals for treatment. Government has a target scheme of zero charge for the lactating women but the primary health centers have been swindling money from them and charging them unduly. For example blood test, womb test, injections are charged too. Ambulance services under Janani Suraksha Programme, PM Matr Vandana programme money being charged in this sector as well. This has been the report collected while survey being conducted in the villages.

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