Sharing and Caring – Christmas celebration with unprivileged children: Vimukti Pothnal

True spirit of Christmas... Sharing and caring...was organized in collaboration with Vimukti Charitable Trust, group Israel, Anitha Pinto and family, and Mr. Ashok Steven lobo with his family at vimukti Pothnal. Christmas is a time of celebration, hope and laughter. Perhaps the only time when children all over the world wake up bright and early with a gleam in their eyes and a smile on their lips, ready to rip open and enjoy their crisply wrapped presents. The sad truth, however, is that there are millions of children around the world who are deprived of this experience, not because they’ve been naughty, but because they come from underprivileged backgrounds and cannot afford to celebrate Christmas. In order to bring the joy and light of Christmas into the lives of such underprivileged children, VIMUKTI, like every year, hosted Christmas celebrated at vimukti premises. The children of vimukti, who come from nearby villages, got the opportunity to participate in games, win prizes and receive gifts.

Addressing the gathering, Fr. Joel Lobo, Director Clara Vihar Pothnal, exhorted everyone to care for the children in need of care and protection with tenderness and love. He opined that the staff of Vimukti should have the attitude of giving up everything for the welfare of children in difficult situations. Despite the chilly December morning, a total of 79 children showed up at the campus to participate in the various games and competitions organized specially for them. Among the festivities was a drawing competition for classes LKG – Vth, a passing the parcel, a paper dance, a cap race and a magic show. Needless to say, both the children and the volunteers enjoyed themselves on the day of the event, with the delegation from Oracle expressly mentioning their happiness for being associated with vimukti and bringing joy and laughter to the underprivileged kids on Christmas. The programme included carols, dances, sharing gifts and exchanging season’s greetings with each other. All the staff, volunteers and management participated in the Christmas celebrations. All in all, the Christmas celebrations at vimukti set the tone for the coming New Year, a year that promises to be full of smiling faces, unity and self reliance. On this occasion children had sumptuous meal and various games, winners were distributed prizes and gifts. We are very grateful to generous donors for their timely loving support and help towards these poor children. May God bless your generosity in hundredfold, children and parents gathered to express their deep gratitude to you and your family.

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