There's nothing more satisfying than seeing a happy and smiling child: Vimukti Pothnal.

A child's smile is worth more than all the money in the world. Children are the future of a nation. They are the best change agents, be in the family or the community in which they live. It is therefore crucial to help the children, catch them young and inculcate in them feelings of empathy and conscience so that the grow up as responsible individuals. Sensing this need, VIMUKTI CHARITABLE TRUST® came up with MAGU NAGU Programme in 2008. Sensitization of privileged children and their parents, towards the existing inequalities around them, is an important objective of Magu Nagu.

Privileged children are sensitized about the deprivation and pain endured by the underprovided kids. Vimukti seeks to inculcate a conscience and value system in the children so that they grow up to become responsible citizens and change makers. Before their minds are set with age, the Vimukti programme tries to make them count they start realizing the worth of the privileged ones. Once they start realizing the worth of the privileges they are born with, they automatically turn their thoughts towards positivity and develop the right outlook.

This eventually helps them develop into not only successful but responsible individuals in life. They grow up to become significant change makers, who contribute positively to the Society. Under Magu Nagu programme, Vimukti Charitable Trust visits various schools and conducts engaging sessions of the young minds. It sensitizes children towards various causes and let them realize their privileged status. Vimukti Currently reaches 10254 school children in Manvi and Raichur talukas in Raichur Distruct, Karnataka, INDIA.

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