People asked to be cautious against contagious diseases: Vimukti Pothnal

Vimukti organized health awareness campaign in surrounding villages of Pothnal. The main objective of the health campaign is to create awareness about people should take precautions to prevent vector- borne diseases such as malaria, dengue, lymphatic filariasis, Japanese Encephalitis, chikungunya. District administration, health and family welfare department and the office of district vector- borne disease prevention officer Mr. Balappa said, diseases are spread through mosquito bites. Vaccines could not be found for such diseases so far but medicines could be given for controlling the disease. Malaria is a life- threatening mosquito-borne disease caused by a plasmodium parasite. It is transmitted to humans through the bite of Anopheles mosquito. The disease was identified 150 years ago but till today no vaccine is licensed for it is treatment.
Anopheles mosquito lays around 300 eggs on water at a time all the eggs are hatched and therefore precautions should be taken against the mosquito breeding in the residential areas. Cleanliness should be maintained and water stagnation should not be allowed he said. VCT Staff nurse Mrs. Nagrathna said, mosquito nets creams, liquidator and smoke of the neem leaves could be used to avoid mosquito bites.

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