Children ask officials, why no Gram Sabha in the District?: Vimukti Pothnal

“We are deprived of a platform to air our problem”

Vimukti Children parliament members gave the memorandum on 13th of November, 2019 at Utakanoor Gram Panchyath demanding children Gram Sabhas to be held at all the gram panchythas. Santhosh, Basvaraj, shashikala, ananda, Praveen and others charged that the ‘gram sabhas’ are not taking place in their villags, which has resulted in them unable to air their grievances at the right forum and get justice.
They charged that the officials are denying the children right to get their dues by not holding the children ‘Gram sabhas’. They said, as the children parliament is not taking place regularly, the officials are unable to prevent child marriage cases in our talukas.

They also charged that while in some villages the children gram sabhas are taking place, but they are being held for the heck of it and not with a concern towards resolving the issues hurting the children. They demanded the administration to provide training to development officers so that they can conduct children grama sabha every year. The zilla panchyath should also hold special gram sabha for children and award best children friendly panchyath at the district.

Panchytha which strive towards making their jurisdiction child labour free should be recognized and appreciated. They demanded that child protection committee should be formed and issues as district level during the meeting.

The officials should prepare a consolidated report regarding the minutes of the children gram sabha that were held in that year and it should be made public to know the progress. One of the students informed that majority of the government schools don’t have computers, toilets, water and other basic facilities. We go in search of drinking water during the school hours. Further he said school don’t have compound, many illegal activities take place after the sun sets. All the participated children expressed, that we don’t have a platform where we can share these problems and get a solution at the grama panchyth level.

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