New milestone of Vimukti @ Pothnal: from the Dark Cells to Clear World: a ray of hope to the Prisoners: Vimukti Pothnal

“Be a love Bomb, Let it be exploded, not to kill, But to heal the broken hearts.
This small sentence is the seed of Prison Ministry India. The tiny seed of love, which had been sown through divine intervention in the fertile soil of human hearts of few, has now grown into a large tree providing cool and gentle shade to many who feel frustrated, disappointed and broken spend in their lives in the dark cells of prison. The specific goal of our new venture is to create a just society, where all have equal opportunities for development and growth, all have an equal share in the resources of the earth and above all the worth and dignity of every individual human being is respected and protected. Further it focuses its, attention on the correction, reformation and rehabilitation of those in prison and their families. In the first session Fr. Sathish Fernandes, VCT director, motivated the participants on the values of Mahatma Gandhi and screened the movie on Gandhi life. The resource person, kept the audience in rapt attention for two and half hours. The seminar was very holistic as it discussed about the various problems they face today such as suicide, drug addiction, obsession with social media and teenage crimes. Many practical solutions were proposed. At the end of the talk several prisoners came up to the stage to express their opinion and clarify doubts they had in mind.

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