Vimukti Children shine in the State level Seminar on Child Rights under SDG- Sustainable Development Goals: Vimukti Pothnal

The Government of India has issued and a published content on various rights related to the Children and has documented them and has communicated to the world united organization sector. The programs which are organized and the achievements found in the past years from 1997, 2007 and 2011 in three successful terms and are reported in detail. The report has been verified and studied through by the World Organization has asked India to study on various issues. The next year in 2020 in May or in the month of June India will have to submit the report. Apart from the Child rights, other institutes, individually also they can submit the report on the relevant matters as well. This is to certify that whether the Indian Government has provided the correct information on various issues regarding the Child Rights under SDG- Sustainable Development Goals the targets set to improve, whether they have applied laws and norms so on. The expectations or on various views group discussions were conducted. The target was to address the issues of the age group of 0 to 18 years of children. This is the age where they are exploited to the maximum. There are situations at home as well as the outside where they can be vulnerable. So need to be cautious about the situations. It is not safe nowadays to be alone.

There were important dignitaries to enlighten on the matters namely Mr Pratap UNICEF Hyderabad, Mrs Padmini R. Rao the report coordinator, Mr Vasudev Sharma C.R.T Bangalore, Mr Lakhsmipati Government representative and Mr Ragavendra Ballari unit member all these members put a thought on how to prepare a report to submit to the World Organization sector. They insisted on child education and teachers for every class in the school. Up to 18 years of age there should be free education.

Mohan and Vijayalakhmi of 7th students were taken to Benson town for the participation and discussion programme. The topic was on National children Policy of 2013. There was a need of discussion on it and to draw certain conclusions and for the signature campaign. Mr Vasudev Sharma C.R.T Bangalore elaborated on the topic. Children Rights namely right to live, protection, development, and participation were explained. The present scenario and the current position were assessed. What are the challenges now and in near future were discussed in the group to draw some guidelines and solutions. After the discussion common points were highlighted: lagging behind in education, shortage of teachers, malnutrition, deprivation of fundamental rights, less space and rooms in schools, no play ground, non familiarity, no transport, poverty, migration, gender discrimination, safety issues, exploitation, harassment, not pulpit to express views and lack of opportunities. There were other senior members in group to observe and guide at the discussion hours

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