Free Educational Kit distribution to the 152 flood affected children, supported by Vimukti Charitable Trust, Group Israel: Vimukti Pothnal

This year especially in the month of August, Maharashtra and part of North Karnataka received maximum rain fall leading dams to let the water out. After letting the excessive water from the dams further led low areas and rivers like Malaprabha, Ghataprabha, Krishna to flow to the above danger levels. All the excessive water entered the low areas and villages where people had to vacate and move to the safe areas. This flood had created havoc in most of the areas and people’s lives. The rains and the floods had destroyed crops, properties, houses, few partially and in some places destroyed completely. The people who had stored grains, vessels of daily use, clothes, school books and bags and other materials were washed out. Children, women, young and the old were most affected due to rain and floods. The floods also took lives of many and the cattle. After the rain and the flood, sickness was spread due to the stagnant water and bad atmosphere. Houses were not in good condition to live. Snakes and reptiles were seen on the roofs, walls, floor of the houses. People faced the worst ever situation during flood and aftermath.

After the survey of the flood situation Vimukti Trust Pothnal flung into action of distributing school bags, books and other stationary items so the children could resume their studies and the schooling. The most affected area was one of the Government school in Soreganv village of Mudola Taluka. There were about 467 children studying in this school. It was a biggest challenge to meet out the needs of the students. The Antyodaya social work centre of that village helped us to identify the students who were affected by the floods. The worst affected were the lower caste students. The Vimukti Trust consulted the education officer of the area, the school Head-Master, Gram Panchayat Development officer, Gram Panchayat members and the villagers to help the affected students. On 14th September 2019 Saturday in the Soreganv Village Government School campus for about 152 children school-kit was distributed. Through the hard efforts and generous donors, Vimukti Charitable trust, group Israel for their sacrifice we could distribute the educational kits to the poor children who have affected by the floods and spent some times with the students. The student s and the parents also were very happy to receive this timely educational help and they too promised us to educate their children as the intention of the donor. We are also happy indeed to thank for the sponsors for these poorest students.

The following members were called as the special dignitaries for the distribution of school-kit namely Mr V.Y. Devaganvi the education officer Mudol, Mr Lokesh Pujari S.D.M.C Soreganv, Mr Dasappa the H.M of Higher Primary School Soreganv, Mr Byakoda Panchayat officer Soreganv and Mr Anthony the director of Antyodaya Trust Mudol and the staff, Gram Panchayat Members Soreganv, Vimukti Trust staff namely Mr Jayasheel Dotharabandi, Mr Charley Udbal, and Mr Arogyappa Dumuti.

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