Farewell to Mrs. Nagarathna Staff Nurse: Vimukti Pothnal

It is said, "Separations are wounds that no one can heal, but memories are treasures that no one can steal". After two years of a journey that seems to have just begun, it was the time to bid farewell to our dear Mrs. Nagaratha staff nurse. It was special moment for us. It was painful to say good bye to dear Nagarathna Being the, staff nurse and severed in the “HEALTH FOR ALL” project in various capacities. She was actively involved in the Programs of the Organization, both within and in networks. She was reaching out poor and needy people in the villages by visiting families of our sponsor children, counseling and motivating people to take care of their health. She has participated in rallies and street plays showing keen interest in advocacy initiatives. She proved her worth in community development, particularly among children, in forming the child personality development clubs and camps. During her tenure she has proven to be with good conduct and love for the work and Organization. She is found very honest and dedicated in all the works assigned under her care. As she lives this organization, we the Vimukti Director and staff wish you all the best in your future. Fr. sathish Fernandez took this occasion to recall all the good times and the good things that the vimukti centre had received during her term. As she leaves us we wish her the best in her future endeavors, we assure that she will be an asset to any Institution she works. As you embark upon a new path, we wish you many moments of happiness, success and achievements. May your success follow you wherever you go...

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