Case study: A true leader at the Grassroots: Mrs. Eshamma Sunkanoor : Vimukti Pothnal

Mrs. Eshamma Sunkanoor, Community leader of Vimukti along with pocket members took great initiatives for her village, together with Mr. Basvraja and Mr. Sangayaswami. She is belonging to SC community of Manvi, Raichur District of Karnataka. Being a Community leader she had complained to the Grama Panchyath and concerned department regarding to have separate graveyard to their pocket, many times she has spent time and money to convince the department regarding this issue, but yielded her no results. One find morning she collect some of the villages people along with Mr. Basvraja and Mr. Sangayaswami went to the Panchyath and concerned department and demanded the authority to have separate place in their villages for the burial ground. This issue was discussed in the Gram panchyath level and application was submitted to taluka concerned department, for their effort today Sunkanoor pocket have their own burial ground in their village. Eshyamma active and value based leadership earned her good reputation and she has been recognized as one of the leaders in the community in a male dominated society! She is an inspiration to many women in the vicinity.

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