Unorganized youth demanded the transport department for the Bus Facilities to the remote villages of Manvi Taluka: Vimukti Pothnal

No doubt unorganized youth are strong force and succeeded in getting what they wanted. Here we would like to bring to your notice its first achievement in the Pothnal area. In many of the villages in and around Pothnal, lack the proper transport facilities. People and especially the children are the most victims of this. Nalgamdinni, Iralagaddi, Utakanur, Karabadinni, Devipura, Muddanguddi, these village children face transport facilities and due to which, many a time they have to bunk the school and college. During peak hours in the morning as well as in the evening there is hardly any bus facility in these areas. Therefore our pocket youths got together discussed this matter in their meetings and approached the Taluka transport department, with its strong urge to do something concretely in time. For their pleading the unit head Mr .J. T. Choudari promised them to provide transport facility from August 2nd onwards. The youth club members warned them if they fail to fulfill their need, they will counter the head of transport ministry by way of protest. On this occasion Mr. Hanumatha, Mr. Arogyappa, Mrs. Geeta Patil, Mr. Amreksh and Mr. Charlie were present.

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