2889 Government school Children were initiated in Digitization of Class Room: Vimukti Pothnal

A digital revolution has transformed the way we lead our lives. With a number of school and institutions adopting digital tools and platforms, the internet and all its immense possibilities are in our classrooms now. Clearly, one of the biggest trends emerging in the education sector is digitization. The second comes in the form of a multitude of online courses that spans a dizzying variety of subjects and skills-learning, for almost every age bracket.

Vimukti for the past few years working with Government schools, taking the ongoing digitization of education forward, broaden its scope from pure skills and incorporate digital content into a holistic education. Try to liberate entire generations from the shackles of being self- serving followers. It is important to help create a young India that is concerned and sensitive and has the realistic potential to lead the world into a safes and happy future. Vimukti entrepreneurs are providing inputs sessions on educational software training on basic computer applications such as MS office etc. till date nearly 2889 children have benefited from this trainings.

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