Process of Formation and Training to 200 unorganized youth: Vimukti Pothnal

Even in mere 12 months, a lot has been achieved in the project. One of the major activities unorganized youth project was to create opportunities for young people to connect to others, develop skills, and utilize those skills to contribute to their communities that, in turn, increase their ability to succeed. As with positive youth development, a community youth development orientation involves shifting away from just concentrating on problems toward concentrating on strengths, competencies, and engagement in self-development and community development. As such, community youth development is defined as purposely creating environments that provide constructive, affirmative, and encouraging relationships that are sustained over time with adults and peers, while concurrently providing an array of opportunities that enable youth to build their competencies, and become engaged as partners in their own development as well as the development of their communities. Our youth groups have slowly engaged together in creating a just and equitable society and demand for their entitlements.

  • Result/ Impact:

    • 100 youths have encouraged and motivated through trainings to visit government offices, as result they could draft the memorandums and demanded the concerned department authority for their entitlements.

    • 185 youth have developed better awareness on community and issues around them and the solution to tackle those issues.

    • All 156 youth were given awareness on various minority schemes and hold holding support to tap those schemes.

    • Nearly 87 youths were given knowledge on various communicable diseases and how to prevent them.

    • 177 youths have received trainings on Ashuman Barath scheme and petty loans and self employment loans.

    • 173 youths developed innovative ideas to develop their life and the community.

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