Training on Water conservation and Protection of Nature to the Community leaders: Vimukti Pothnal

On 23rd August 2019 various unit leaders had a special training programme at Capacity Building training at vimukti premises. Mr Muniswami the forest Department staff briefed on the theme of protection of Nature/environment, water conservation/preservation topics. What are environment/ Nature? How we need to protect, the benefits, consequences of destroying, the various types of pollutions namely- Air, Noise, Water, and earth/soil were explained elaborately. The present crisis of water shortage is to be addressed and the way of water preservation method was explained. Being forester explained about various facilities being provided by the Govt. such as SCST/TSP people can get Gas, Solar Heaters, Solar lights, various plants for the farming by the form of application. For about 63 Community leaders attended this training programme. The Community leaders too with much keen interest clarified to all their doubts and shared their views as well. The entire programme was begun seeking Godís blessings. Mrs Gangamma welcomed the dignitaries and Mrs Ishamma gave the vote of thanks.

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