Belwata Community leaders demanded the Government officials to install purifying water plant in the village: Vimukti Pothnal

On 30th of July Belwata Community leaders came together and demanded the concerned Government officials and submitted the memorandum to install purifying water plant in their village. The recent village development and under the Gram Panchayat Raj projects throughout the district villages there was a plant of implementing water Purification machinery. This new project is highly appreciable and wonderful one. It is a great initiative as well. But the fact is that our village is left out of having such a machinary. And we strongly condemn for ignoring to provide this system in our village. You are depriving an entire village and this will lead to a serious problem as well.

The water that is received from the main source from Tunga Badhra has been utilized since past few years keeping in mind of preserving it for the purpose of irrigation, soaking for the increase of ground water, for drinking and for the cattle and for other purpose. It has been a common practice since many years. Last few summer seasons we have been facing hardships with regard to water. There is no seasonal rain as well. The ground water is also drained out in recent times. We the villagers constantly rely on our good neighbors like Dotharbandi, Utakanur villages to fetch water for our needs. It has been a painful endevour in recent times. For about 60% of our villagers rely mainly on the river as our water source for irrigation, cultivation and for drinking. Pollution of available water is another big challenge before us. The consumption of available water has recently invited many problems. The children have become easy prey to the various diseases by drinking the available water. There are poisonous elements that are present in the water bodies like, floride, Arsanic and high iron contents found in the water. The same water is soaked to the underground as well. It has been impossible to consume the same water for our daily needs. Arsanic contents are more than the expected in the water source. The constant uses of chemicals, pesticides, have all the more damaged soil and ground water bodies. Recently we have witnessed various diseases in our village and our children have become victims to various sicknesses. The growth and development of them have been affected. Cancer disease, Miscarriages, Heart diseases, urinal infection, have been common symptum, it is all because of the consumption of polluted water. It is serious problem that we face today in our village. The problem needs to be addressed. We need a water purifying system. The concerned authority has to look seriously into our request. This latest machinery will definitely help the villagers. We deserve all the more just as it is provided in other villages. So we the members of Youth Association along with the village members of Belavata request you to fulfill our dire need. Our present need is addressed through this letter; we hope that you consider the matter. If overlooked, delayed or denied we may come strongly protesting against the concerned people.

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