Rally held to create awareness against tobacco consumption: Vimukti Pothnal

“put it out before it puts you out”.
The true and beautiful saying goes like this “Unless we destroy the seed of evil, it will destroy us”. To destroy the seed of evil is hard but not impossible. One must put his heart and soul to destroy this evil seed that ruins oneself and the other. Taking necessary steps and guidance of right people, the addicted can give an end to it. Keeping this thought in mind VCT organized awareness rally against the use of tobacco on 31st world No Tobacco Day at Sunkanoor village,Manvi Taluka.

The students voiced loudly against this evil malady by holding placards and banners about the harmful and evil effects on health of Tobacco, drugs alcohol, and so on. It was an urgent appeal from the part of students to all to take effective measures against these evil consumptions. The rally included a well-timed FLASH MOB, performed creatively before the gathered crowd so that they become aware by grasping the meaning of Tobacco termination and its importance. VCT also initiated a new method of campaign, namely, “Sticker Campaign”, wherein students and volunteers distributed the personalized Anti-Tobacco message Stickers to shop keepers, four and two wheeler owners, auto drivers and other people. All those who supported the cause, used these stickers on their vehicles, on walls of shops, houses and thus highlighted this key message. The eminent personalities were invited to give the message on this occasion namely Amersha gowda, Sharabaya swami and Veeresh Gowada were present. Thus the Awareness rally ended with the instructive note: “put it out before it puts you out”.

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