Vimukti at Pothnal: Passage of Service 2010 - 2019

From 2010 onwards, it is Fr. Sathish Fernandes who took reigns of Vimukti at Pothnal and extended its patronage to the taluk, district, and State level by recognizing the needs of the people and the demand of service from Vimukti. In recognition of his work, he has received some honorary titles and become the member of Child Welfare Committee of the District of Raichur. Briefly, the significant achievements of Vimukti from the year 2010 until 2019 have been the following:

Analysing the cause for the lack of education in the rural areas, Vimukti made provision for many a programme to protect the rights of children, increase their learning opportunities through supplementary training, establish children’s Rights Club and to focus on such problems as infrastructure, environmental concerns, health awareness, child labour, child marriage, livelihood etc. thought of developing social leadership through children's parliament.

Children have indeed become great socialists with the help of good many of these programmes and they have been also able to develop their native talents and skills though cultural events, sport-activities, community-camps, etc. The children’s parliament deserves a special mention in as much as it has moved up from the district level to the State level and even enabled the participants to hold dialogue among themselves in the presence of the chief minister of the State.

Thanks to Vimukti unstinting efforts, young people are today able to opt for professional skills and self-employment at the rural level itself, thus reducing the level of unemployment in the State. They are also capable of focussing on improving their life and seek equality, honour and dignity as good citizens in line with the Constitution of India.

Vimukti has tried to ensure good health not only to children, but also to women in general, and especially to pregnant and lactating mothers. In addition to healthcare, providing clean drinking water, nutritional supplements, vaccination, maternity care etc., to the public has been a priority to Vimukti. To the disadvantaged people in particular, it has tried to provide certain services even at their doorstep like assistance to fight malnutrition, anaemia and epidemics.

Social services are essential for the general public and it happens that people who have to pay for the facility pay more to the mediators than others and at times still fail to get their due. Fraud and corruption has become a burden to the public. For this reason, Vimukti has been reaching out to people to receive their dues like daily wages, birth, death and conduct certificates, monthly salary, identity cards, especially by senior citizens, bus passes, ration, Aadhar and health cards, help to open bank accounts, get houses for the poor from the corporation and construct toilets, receive gas cylinders, Bhagya lakshmi and Madilu Yojane, timber and agricultural equipment etc. All this is more difficult to obtain especially in rural areas.

Health awareness programmes regarding HIV AIDS and infectious diseases, smoking, tobacco and alcohol consumption, and health camps and inspections for various schemes like counselling, vaccine programmes, nutrition and health care programmes etc. have been regularly organized by Vimukti. It has sought to implement also other schemes like social nutrition system, abolition of child-marriage, child labour, women and child trafficking etc., appreciation of environmental concerns, water management, clean water usage, cleanliness, toilet use, child rights protection, and the National Food Security Act. Posco Act, RTE / RTI Act, SCP/TSP Scheme, Legal Aid Assistance Programs and free help-lines etc.

Specifically speaking, the service has been extended to children, young women and girls, youth and adults, people who are differently-abled etc. Here then is a short report of all the services rendered by Vimukti. Recently Jana Manada Jeeva Dvani Sathya Marga Magzine published an article highlighting his strenuous work.

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