Case study - Mother and son were united after three years …: Vimukti Pothnal

Whatever you ask Manju was able to utter only one word, "Chichamma ...", and he was wandering alone at Pothnal bus stand. When the Vimukti satff Mr. Charlie saw him alone, brought him to the Vimukti organization and He was questioned about his where abouts. Then he was asked to stay in child care center. Meanwhile Manju's photo was published in newspapers and shared in WhatsApp. Within 2 days publishing the news in the media, Parents of Manju appeared before the Child Welfare Committee in the Child care center. The boy who saw her mother, came running towards her saying, “mummy” ...and was in the arms of his mother. Looking at this scene of the union of mother and child, staff felt the satisfaction of their work. Mother reported her story how she missed her son, Manju. The incident happened 3 years ago when they had gone for Kurnool Jatraa (Fair bazar), son got lost. One dead body of a boy was brought to her saying that he is her son and he was cremated. The mother when came to know that her son is alive was greatly surprised and her happiness had no bound. The satisfaction of uniting mother and son was the wonderful gesture of VCT staff Mr. Charlie under the care of Vimukti, Pothnal

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