Case Study : Standing up for her rights…Vimukti Pothnal

Lakshmi, a year old orphan hailing from Devipura village, Raichur District, Karnantaka, was a victim of domestic violence for long years. Both her husband and mother-in-law were drunkards and tortured her physically and mentally to bring in more dowry. Lakshmi was forced to work as a domestic maid in many houses to earn a living. At the training organized by Safe Village staff under the program Women empowerment against violence, she learned her rights and the legal provisions against domestic violence. Armed with the learning and insights, and peer support, she found the courage to report the domestic violence she was subject to. With the help of Vimukti staff she, approached the women legal aid cell Manvi and took help of women helpline 18004198588. Representatives from the legal cell made a home enquiry and verified Lakshmi’s reports. While she has not yet filed a complaint against him, Lakshmi took the drastic step of separating from her husband even though it is not the norm in her community. She requested for shelter where she could live with her year-old baby, timely intervention of VIMUKTI Staff, Lakshmi, now lives with her maternal uncle house at Sindhnoor, in peace and safety.

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