“Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world”
- Nelson Mandela

In this fast moving world everyone seems to be in a rat-race jostling with their own lives. In this busy journey we tend to close our eyes towards the miserable childhood of the little ones who are condemned to live as poor. They are commonly known as rag pickers, street children, child laborers, dropouts, and anti-social elements and so on. Here children’s home for boys and girls Raichur comes with its integral vision to feel with them and to help them to reinstate their lost childhood by proving wings to their dreams. When children are ignored by the society are found in the villages children’s home for boys and girls works to instill a sense of dignity in them and to give back their lost childhood.

• Compassionate love for all, specially the poor and the marginalized
• Truth, love Justice and Peace.
• Respect for life, natures, cultures, religions and love for the nation.
• To train the children on the path to become successful achievers.
• To impart to them the basic knowledge of English.
• To instill in them importance of values, morality and ethics.
• To make every child to enjoy their childhood.
• To strengthen and develop their will and Creative power.
• Maximizing the scope for better education.
• To provide every child a bright future by Education

In day to day life people take time to make important decisions in their lives. There are also times that for the better or verse others take decisions for their lives. We commonly see in our children that they are by themselves are not able to take any decisions on their further studies. There are lots of expectations from their parents and elders. The reality is that the parents or the elders are not able to find the real tastes, strengths, or the hidden talents of their children. What is important is that the present students need moral support and proper guidance to move forward in their lives. Keeping this in mind on 5th of March 2019 Vimukti Charitable Turst(r) organized a career guidance Training to all the children’s home for boys and girls at Raichur. These Children were guided through input sessions on moral values, how to respect others, hygiene video clips, motivational documentary films throughout the day and other subjects and their merits were explained in detail to the students. For about 48 children benefited through this training.

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