Sports for non-organized Youth: Vimukti Pothnal

One day Sports was conducted by Vimukti charitable Trust® Pothnal to the non-organized youth. While inaugurating the sportive event the President of Ensemble Agissons, Mr. Daniel Helbert expressed that youth is a power and they have energy to change the society in a better way but he said that today many of the youth choose wrong direction and spoil their future and some of the youth are brain washed by the anti-socialists and terrorists. Thus the life of the youth and the family of such youth is dragged to danger. The youth gathered here must take into consideration that you must stand responsibly to avoid such circumstances and work in unity and friendly manner, respecting each other build a society with true values. The sports that are held must build the friendly rapport with each other he said. The sports event included the games namely; musical chair, passing the ball, volley-ball. And for all young ladies sports was conducted by Mrs. Jecintha, Mrs. Nagaratna and Miss. Mamatha. The sports event was witness by around 150 youth from the surrounding villages of Pothnal. The meals, tea and the transport service was arranged for the gathered youth.

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