Formation of unorganized youth clubs in seven units: Vimukti Pothnal

Vimukti strongly believes that human rights and human development share a common vision and a common principle. Keeping this in mind, VIMUKTI worked accordingly and makes sure that the strategies are Right based. Vimukti is very particular in developing a right perspective among the unorganized youth, in the targeted villages. In all the 20 pockets awareness and survey has been on the process. As a result we could convince and began the work of accompanying the unorganized youth by forming the youth clubs in seven pockets. The totally 101 youth have registered their names and formation of the clubs are in progress. Imparting critical awareness of social reality, knowledge of the constitution of India, motivating the members to identify and address issues related to right to food, and helping the youths to avail various government schemes, by way of street play, meeting, distribution pamphlets etc. By end of August 2019 our target is to reach 200 unorganized youth, in 20 clubs.

Baseline survey and formation of youth clubs:
After the orientation and training of the Staff, they were placed in the implementing area i.e., 4 Panchayaths and in 20 pockets of Manvi Taluk. To make the activities efficient and effective, the director asked the team to make a baseline survey of the beneficiaries and their specific requirements. The survey comprised questionnaire regarding their family, age, economical education status, sex, contact number, Adhar card, etc. the purpose of the survey was to make in depth study to know our unorganized youths and family status and to implement to program more effective way. This helped to schedule the activities in time and to implement the envisaged activities without delay. Staff were urged to make baseline survey in the targeted villages as a result we have formed 7 youth clubs 101 youths are identified, educated and encouraged to join these groups in the villages.

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