Mahila Bhoomi Samwad Yatra, For Women’s Land and Farmers Rights: 25,000 women across the country submitted the memorandum concerned officials:

“Women play a crucial role in agriculture and they provide agricultural labour yet they feel that they are not FARMERS”
Vimukti in collaboration with likeminded NGOs from Raichur organized program on women’s land Rights at Kananada Bavan, Raichur. The objective of this program is that in most Indian families, women do not own any property in their own names, and do not get a share of parental property. For long, women were not supposed to have as much share in property as men had. Property rights of women in India remained largely an ignored and unaddressed issue. Till about thirteen years ago –specifically, year 2005 -women stood to lose on account of their being daughters/wives/daughters-in-law. In September 2005, the courts declared that Indian women would have a right to a share in property just like a man of the family did. This yatra purports to mobilize thousands of women around their land rights and their rights as farmers and this will culminate in a larger national action, namely the Jan Andolan, a natonal march from Palwal to Delhi of 25.000. If hunger and poverty is to be reduced, then women have to be at the forefront of agriculture. Farm productivity ad income increasese when women are empowered.

Purpose of the Mahila Bhoomi Samwad Yatra: 75% of all rural women are involved in farm operations. India’s agricultural industry cannot survive without the labour of 80 to100 million women. On an average, women spend nearly 3,300 hours in the field in a crop season as against 1,860 hours by men. They also engage in important on-farm activities that are not solely cultivation- oriented. Tasks many include a wide verity of activities on animal husbandry, vegetable gardening, and collection of fodder resources, backyard poultry and so forth.

Mahila Bhoomi Samwad Yatra
• For parental property: to advocate for women’s in heritance right.
• For property in the marital home: to advocate for women’s name on the title head.
• For land that is newly distributed: to advocate for women’s name on land deed.
• For property to single women: to advocate for women to have independent title on parental or marital property.
• For women’s access community lands: to advocate for women to have access to community lands for grazing, group farming, collection of minor forest produce and pisiculture.
• For women struggling against land acquisition and appropriation: to advocate for women to resist land loss on which they have title.
• For women farmers getting loans.
• For women farmers assessing and deciding crops.

Due to weak enforcement of laws protecting them, women continue to have little access to land and property. In fact, some of the laws discriminate against women, when it comes to land and property rights are concern. Therefore on 24th August 2018, fourteen organization women representatives came together and submitted the memorandum to Deputy Commissioner of Raichur, requesting equal distribution of ancestral property to women also. At the same time Nearly 25,000 women across the country submitted the memorandum to the concern officials at various states.

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